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Howzat! Archive - April 26th 2017

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Dave Wright loves Bruce Springsteen. HWY, the second album by Dave Wright & The Midnight Electric, is his Born To Run, a road record, where the open road is both inviting and threatening. The title track tells the sad story of a man's wife who's killed in a car accident, Coming Home is the tale of a truckie, while Rain rocks with romance. "I've been driving all through the night," Dave sings. "But still my eyes shine, like headlights on the highway, because every passing line brings me closer to you." Then there's Happiness, which is loaded with Springsteen references, with Dave declaring, "If you believe in The Boss, like I do." Like Bruce, Dave loves epic - there are just eight songs on HWY but it runs for 43 minutes. Expect epic when Dave Wright & The Midnight Electric play the next three Saturdays at the Grandview in Fairfield. Dave grew up in Colac and did his first gig, aged 14, at his local church. Growing up in a country town inspired album highlight, Avenues of Honour, which sees Dave joined by a couple of heroes - Mick Thomas and Squeezebox Wally, Mark Wallace, from Weddings Parties Anything. As well as Bruce, the Weddoes are another obvious inspiration for The Midnight Electric. They make Aussie folk punk. The highway is alive tonight.

"So there's four guys in a bar, they're all coincidentally bald " It sounds like the start of a bad joke, but it's the opening of A Time To Be Lonely, one of many highlights of Tim Rogers' new album, An Actor Repairs, where every song's a story. Some artists just get better with age. World-weary has never sounded so good. "I don't wish any bad on you," Tim sings, "I just don't wish you all that well. Middling health, middle-class wealth, not a season-pass to hell."

Sixteen weeks into the year, 57 Aussie albums have hit the Top 40, including four number ones and 22 Top 10 entries. But, strangely, only 14 Aussie singles have hit the Top 40, with no chart-toppers and just four Top 10 hits.

Crowded House's Don't Dream It's Over peaked at number two in the US 30 years ago this week. It's also the 30th anniversary of John Farnham's You're The Voice entering the UK charts, where it peaked at number six.

"You got me jumping out of my skin, I'm rattling 'round like a skeleton" - Screamfeeder, Sonic Souvenirs.

Still just four Aussie singles in the national Top 40.

Waves DEAN LEWIS (number 21)
Call On Me STARLEY (30)
Adore AMY SHARK (34)
Chameleon PNAU (37)

Mark Vincent's tribute to Mario Lanza lands at number three.

A Tribute To Mario Lanza MARK VINCENT (number three, debut)
Greatest Hits & Interpretations TINA ARENA (four)
More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me THE SMITH STREET BAND (17)
The 25th Anniversary Album LEE KERNAGHAN (18)
One Good Shirt Had Us All Fly SPIT SYNDICATE (19, debut)
Remembrance VARIOUS ARTISTS (20)
Ripcord KEITH URBAN (22)
The Very Best INXS (26)
Wish You Were Here THE TEN TENORS (34)
The Best Of THE WIGGLES (38)

Nonchalant ANDY WHITE
A Time To Be Lonely TIM ROGERS
Sonic Souvenirs SCREAMFEEDER

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