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Howzat! Archive - December 2nd 2015

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Everyone You Ever Knew (Is Coming Back To Haunt You). It's a compelling and confronting title and it's the title track of Lo Carmen's fifth album. And what a cast of characters she has to draw on for inspiration. Her dad hung out and recorded with Bon Scott, her mum made the school tunics for Chrissy Amphlett, and Lo starred in the coming-of-age classic The Year My Voice Broke. Right now, Lo is based in LA, where her husband, Aden Young, stars in the TV series Rectify. She likes being a stranger in a strange town. And that feeling pervades the new album. "I love it when people tell me they got lost in listening to it." Lo is a sultry chanteuse, who prefers music to movies - she loves being in charge of the whole package instead of just trying to fulfill someone else's vision. "Making albums is the absolute joy of being a musician for me, especially the joy of recording with other people and the surprises of what they bring." This album was recorded in just one day. "It's like time becomes distilled and you have to make perfect use of every precious drop. It's otherworldly." Lo sings, "Everybody's got a place to be." To Howzat!'s ears, she sounds like a Melbourne artist, which is strange because she's from Adelaide and spent most of her life in Sydney. "Actual geography doesn't matter much to me," Lo says. "I make up my own inside whatever song I'm writing." And she says songs usually come at inconvenient times, "when you're in the supermarket with a crying baby or racing against time to get something important finished". Lo even did a song with her dad, Peter Head, called Songs Don't Care.

Lo Carmen pops up on Perry Keyes' latest album, Sunnyholt, providing some haunting backing vocals on closing cut, The Abattoir Sky. She's a big fan of the Sydney singer-songwriter, who returns to Melbourne this weekend, to play at The Flying Saucer Club on Saturday with Bek-Jean Stewart. "What's not to love about Perry," Lo smiles. "His lyrics are so masterful and his voice is so warm and evocative, it just draws you right in and breaks your heart and puts you right in the middle of whatever story he's weaving." Missy Higgins - who covered Perry's NYE on her Oz album - agrees with Lo, telling Howzat!: "Perry Keyes doesn't have enough crazy fans, he's seriously underrated. He's an amazing songwriter." Saturday's gig is the 10th anniversary of Perry's remarkable double-disc debut, Meter, which will be for sale at the show.

"You gotta hold tight and don't let go" - Perry Keyes, The Abattoir Sky.

This year's X-Factor winner lands at number four.

Stone CYRUS (number four, debut)
The Trouble With Us MARCUS MARR & CHET FAKER (10)
Black & Blue GUY SEBASTIAN (19)
Fire And The Flood VANCE JOY (20)
Alive SIA (25)
Who You Lovin CONRAD SEWELL (32)
Wicked Game CYRUS (36)

The Top 20 includes three local Christmas albums.

Kylie Christmas KYLIE MINOGUE (10)
Nine SAMANTHA JADE (11, debut)
The Christmas Album HUMAN NATURE (12)
Our Christmas Wish THE TEN TENORS (16)
Harvey's Bar ADAM HARVEY (17, debut)
Triple J Like A Version Vol. 11 VARIOUS (21)
Eleven TINA ARENA (22)
Dream Your Life Away VANCE JOY (24)
Next Step KERSER (26)
1000 Forms Of Fear SIA (29)
Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit COURTNEY BARNETT (30)
Playlist BIRDS OF TOKYO (31)
Currents TAME IMPALA (33)
The Perfect Crime COLD CHISEL (35)
Sounds Good Feels Good 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER (36)
Thirty One JARRYD JAMES (37)
The Den Tapes SLIM DUSTY (39)

Everyone You Ever Knew (Is Coming Back To Haunt You) LO CARMEN
Cold Burger, Cold Fries HENRY WAGONS
If You Want To Wear That Crown THE WOODLAND HUNTERS
The Abattoir Sky PERRY KEYES

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