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Upcoming interviews and specials on the show:
January 21st: Charlie Owen from The Beasts (formerly The Beasts Of Bourbon)
February 4th: Jake Mason from Cookin' On 3 Burners

Please note: Tindeck, the website I use to host my interviews, will be closing down on August 1st 2018 and all files will be deleted. You can read their full statment at I will be looking for a new hosting website. If you know of an audio hosting website that is similar to Tindeck please let me know about it

On this page are audio recording of interviews I've conducted on 979fm. They can be either downloaded or streamed. For a full list of who I've interviewed over the years click here

Bands that begin with "the" are listen by the first letter of the next word, eg "Waifs, the".
Solo artists (including ones with backing bands) are listed by their first name.

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A Gender: Romy Hoffman (2012)
Abbe May (2011)
Abbe May (2013)
Adalita (2011)
Adalita (2013)
Aerial Maps, the: Adam Gibson (2008)
Aimee Francis (2009)
Aimee Francis (2010)
Aimee Francis (2011)
Aimee Francis (2013)
Ali Barter (2015)
Alice Skye (2018)
Aislinn Sharp (2012)
Alpine: Lou James (2015)
Alistair Newstead (Al's Music Rant) (2011)
Amali Ward (2013)
Amanda Palmer (2011)
Amateur Hour: Laura Imbruglia (2015)
AMRAP: Nadia Onus (2009)
Andy Bull (2010)
Andy The Kid (aka Andrew Cole) (2015)
Andy White (2014)
Angels, the: John Brewster (2010)
Angels, the: John Brewster (2014)
Angie Hart (Frente/Splendid) (2004)
Angie Hart (2007)
Angie Hart (2010)
Angie Hart (2014)
Angry Anderson (2005)
Animal Hands: Danielle Whalebone (2014)
Animaux: Adam Engel (2012)
Antiskeptic: Andrew Kitchen (2014)
Ape, the: Tex Perkins (2013)
APES: Ben Dowd (2017)
Appleonia: Jessica Chapnik Kahn (2014)
Area-7: Charles "Chucky T" Thompson (2005)
Art, the: Azaria Byrne (2011)
Ash Grunwald (2011)
Attack of the Mannequins: Jackson Freud (2011)
Audreys, the: Taasha Coates (2008)
Audreys, the: Taasha Coates (2014)
Augie March: Adam Donovan (2009)
Aurora Jane (aka Jane Hole) (2010)
Australian Music Vault curator Carolyn Laffan (2017)
Axe Girl: Addison Axe (2013)
Axe Girl: Addison Axe (2014)

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BabaganoŘj: Charles Sale (2016)
Baby Animals: Suze DeMarchi (2012)
Barry Morgan (2012)
Basics, the: Kris Schroeder (2014)
Becky Thomas aka Beki Bullet (2006)
Becky Thomas aka Beki Colada (2013)
Beards, the: Nathaniel Beard (2012)
Bedroom Philosopher, the (aka Justin Heazlewood) (2010)
Behind Crimson Eyes: Josh Stuart (2009)
Bellusira: Crystal Ignite
Ben Birchall (2007)
Ben Birchall (2014)
Ben Birchall (2018)
Ben Salter (2011)
Benny Walker (2015)
Bertie Blackman (2009)
Better Than The Wizards: Peter Aumann (2014)
Billy Birmingham (aka The 12th Man) (2006)
Blackchords: Nick Milwright (2012)
Black Seeds, the: Mike Fabulous (2008)
Blanche DuBois: Adriana Begovich (2012)
Bleeding Knees Club: Jordan Malane
Blue King Brown: Natalie Pa'apa'a (2006)
Blue King Brown: Carlo Santone (2010)
Blue King Brown: Natalie Pa'apa'a (2014)
Bob "Bongo" Starkie (ex-Skyhooks) (2014)
Bob Spencer (ex-Skyhooks, ex-The Angels) (2016)
Bombing Angels: Mac (2010)
Bonjah: Dave Morgan (2014)
Bon Scotts, the: Robert Zimmerman (2012)
Bordello: Josh Johnstone (2005)
Break, the: Jim Moginie (ex-Midnight Oil) (2013)
Breakaway: Sam Biland (2013)
Brewster Brothers, the: John Brewster (2014)
Bright Knights: Nick Russo (2011)
Brilliant Fanzine: Ed Reed (2010)
Broderick Smith (ex-The Dingoes/Carson) (2011)
Brooke Taylor & Delsinki Records (2016)
Bruce Mathiske (2013)
Bustamento: Nicky Bomba (2012)
Butterfly Boucher (2012)

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Caitlin Park (2014)
Calling All Cars: Haydn Ing (2010)
Calling All Cars: Haydn Ing (2012)
Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band: Mic Conway (2014)
Carbie Warbie (music photographer) (2011)
Carter Rollins: Johnny Rollins (2012)
Carter Collins: Justin Carter (2013)
Carus Thompson (2011)
Casanovas, the: Tommy Boyce (2014)
Cash Savage (Cash Savage & The Last Drinks) (2013)
Cass Eager (2011)
Catherine Meeson (2015)
Celadore: David Noordhoff (2011)
Channel 31: Campbell Manderson (2009)
Channel 31: Jim Wright (2010)
Channel 31: Matt Field (2015)
Chase The Sun: Jon "Howler" Howell (2009)
Check Your Smile (2011)
Chelsea Wheatley (AKA Chela) (2012)
Chelsea Wilson (2015)
Children Collide: Johnny Mackay (2012)
Children Overboard: Kelly Gibbs & Jonny Hunt (2012)
Chocolate Starfish: Adam Thompson (2012)
Chocolate Starfish: Adam Thompson (2014)
Chocolate Starfish: Adam Thompson (2018)
Christine Anu (2015)
Christopher Coleman (Christopher Coleman Collective (2014)
City Riots: Ricky Kradolfer (2012)
Clare Bowditch (2005)
Clare Bowditch (2010)
Clare Bowditch (2013)
Clare Moore (The Dames, Dave Graney & The Mistly, Harry Howard & The NDE) (2013)
Cog: Lucius Borich (2007)
Cog: Luke Gower (2008)
College Fall: Jodie Lee Bartlett (2010)
Controllers, the: Jarrod Nugara (2015)
Corrina Steel (2013)
Courtney Barnett (2013)
Craig Johnston aka Delsinki Records) (2014)
Crooked Saint: Tim Wheatley (2012)

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D. Rogers (2005)
D. Rogers (2011)
D. Rogers (2013)
Dallas Crane: Dave Larkin (2015)
Dallas Frasca (2012)
Dallas Frasca (2015)
Dames, the: Clare Moore (2013)
Dan Kelly (2008)
Dan Sultan (2014)
Dancing Heals: Jon-Lee Farrell (2012)
Dancing Heals: James Lovie (2013)
Daniel Champagne (2011)
Darren Middleton (2018)
Darryl Cotton (2010)
Daryl Braithwaite (2012)
Daryl Roberts (Hey Gringo, Spectrum, Madder Lake) (2011)
Dash & Will: Charlotte "Charlie" Thorpe (2009)
Dave Graney (2003)
Dave Graney (2006)
Dave Graney (2009)
Dave Graney (2011)
Dave Graney (2014)
Davey Lane (2014)
Dead Daisies, the: Jon Stevens (2013)
Deaf Wish: Jensen Tjhung (2015)
Deborah Conway (2013)
Declan Kelly (DeclanKelly presents Dieseln'Dub) (2015)
Deena (includes 3 songs performed live) (2015)
Deep End, the: Dale Schober (2013)
Defryme: Quinn Gardener-Kane & Grant Miller (2009)
Defryme: Quinn Gardener-Kane (2010)
Dellacoma: Dellacoma Rio (2015)
Delsinki Records (aka Craig Johnston) (2014)
Delsinki Records & Brooke Taylor (2016)
Demon Parade, the: Michael Badger (2015)
Diana Anaid (2018)
Dick Diver: Rupert Edwards (2015)
Diesel/Mark Lizotte (2009)
Diesel/Mark Lizotte (2018)
Digger & The Pussycats: Sam Agostino (2010)
Dingoes, the: Kerryn Tolhurst (2010)
Dingoes, the: Broderick Smith (2011)
Dogwood Crossing: Tim Earle (2014)
DollSquad: Julie Paschke (2006)
DollSquad: Joey Backseat (2010)
Dom Mariani (The Stems) (2009)
Dom Mariani (2010)
Dragon: Todd Hunter (2016)
Drones, the: Gareth Liddiard (2011)
Duckdive: Marisa Brown (2005)
Duckdive: Marisa Brown (2007)
DZ Deathrays: Shane Parsons (2012)

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Eddie Boyd and The Phatapillars: Eddie Boyd (2015)
Elaine Crombie (2015)
Ella Fence (2015)
Ella Hooper (2013)
Ella Hooper (2014)
Emily Wurramara (2018)
Emma Donovan (2014)
Emma Heeney (2014)
Emma Ireland (booker for The Palais in Hepburn Springs) (2011)
Emperors: Adam James (2011)
EMPRA: Sanny Veloo (2012)
Eskimo Joe: Joel Quartermain (2011)
Even: Ashley Naylor (2018)
Evening Cast, the: Paul Cooper (2013)
Evening Cast, the: Joel Cooper (2014)

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Falls, the: Melinda Kirwin (2012)
Farren Jones (2013)
Fauves, the: Andrew Cox (2006)
Fauves, the: Andrew Cox (2013)
Fearless Vampire Killers, the: Jacob McGuffie (2011)
Felix Riebl (The Cat Empire) (2011)
Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!: David Williams (2010)
Fixators, the: Matt Lidbetter and Tim Clark (2014)
Flap!: Jess Guille (2012)
Floors, the: Luke Dux (2013)
Flyying Colours: Gemma O'Connor (2015)
Four Hours Sleep: Bill McDonald (2014)
Franky Walnut (2014)
Fraser A. Gorman (2015)
Friendly Yen: Jeff Hann (2011)
Frente!: Angie Hart (2014)
Fumes, the: Joel Battersby (2009)

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Galvatrons, the: Johnny Galvatron (2008)
Gareth Liddiard (The Drones) (2011)
Gasoline Inc.: Gabriel O'Brien (2012)
Gay Paris: Luke Monks (2015)
Gena Rose Bruce (2018)
Georgia Fair: Jordan Wilson (2012)
Georgia Fields (2010)
Gil Matthews (Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs) (2005)
Gil Matthews (Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs) (2009)
Gin Wigmore (2008)
Gina Williams (Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse) (2018)
Gingers, the: Nellie Jackson (2006)
Glenn Richards (Augie March) (2010)
Go-Go Sapien: Will Hindmarsh (2011)
Good Heavens: Sarah Kelly (2012)
Grates, the: Alana Skyring (2009)
Grates, the: John Patterson (2011)
Grates, the: Patience Hodgson (2014)
Greenthief: Julian Schweitzer (2011)
Gretchen Lewis: Jason Nehill (2012)
Guitar Gods And Masterpieces (Part 1: Jasmine Young) (2010)
Guitar Gods And Masterpieces (Part 2: Hack Wanger) (2010)
Gum: Jay Watson (2014)

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Hat Fitz & Cara: Cara Robinson (2012)
Haunting August: Katalin Orr (2012)
Happy Endings, the: Adrian (aka Donk) (2009)
Happy Endings, the: Josh Johnstone (2011)
Harlequin League: Miles Lisman (2009)
Harry Hookey (2014)
Harts (aka Darren Hart) (2014)
Hello Morning, the: Steve Clifford (2012)
Hello Satellites, Eva Popov (2010)
Henry Wagons (2011)
Henry Wagons (2012)
Henry Wagons (2016)
Her Majesty's Finest: Mav (2006)
HEROiNE: Jess McAvoy (2014)
Hey Gringo: Daryl Roberts (2005)
Hiatus Kaiyote: Perrin Moss (2015)
Holy Sea, the: Henry F. Skerritt (2008)
Holy Sea, the: Henry F. Skerritt (2009)
Holy Sea, the: Henry F. Skerritt (2010)
Hoodoo Gurus: Dave Faulkner (2011)
Hot Little Hands: James Harvey (2009)
Howling Bells: Joel Stein (2011)
Howling Bells: Juanita Stein (2014)
Hunting Grounds: John Crawford (2012)

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I, A Man: Ash Hunter (2014)
Immigrant Union: Brent DeBoer & Bob Harrow (2015)
Infinity Broke: Jamie Hutchings (2015)
Inventions: William Dowle (2014)
INXS: Tim Farriss (2011)

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Jacinta Parsons (The Story So Far/3RRR) (2013)
Jack On Fire: Dave Thirkettle-Watts (2013)
Jaime Robbie Reyne (2009)
Jaime Robbie Reyne (2012)
James Reyne (2011)
James Young (Cherry Bar/Yah Yahs/CherryRock) (2015)
Jane Austen Argument, the (whole band) (2011)
Jane Austen Argument, the: Tom Dickins (March 2012)
Jane Austen Argument, the: Jennifer Kingwell (April 2012)
Jane vs World (2006)
Jasmine Young (2010)
Jason "Evo" Evans (Community Cup) (2007)
Jason "Evo" Evans (Community Cup) (2011)
Jeff Apter (music biographer) (2012)
Jeff Apter (music biographer) (2017)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2003)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2004)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2010)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2011)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2012)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2013)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2014)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2015)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2016)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2017)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2018)
Jeff Lang (2014)
Jericco: Fetah Sabawi (2009)
Jericco: Fetah Sabawi (2010)
Jess McAvoy (2006)
Jess McAvoy (2008)
Jess McAvoy (2011)
Jess McAvoy (2014)
Jess Ribeiro (2015)
Jessica Paige & Steve Romig
Jessica Paige (2011)
Jezabels, the: Heather Shannon (2009)
Jezabels, the: Heather Shannon (2011)
Jim Keays (The Masters Apprentices) (2012)
Jimmy Barnes (2011)
Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons: Wilbur Wilde (2016)
Joe Robinson (2012)
John O'Donnell (co-author of "The 100 Best Australian Albums") (2010)
Jon English (2012)
Jon Stevens (2011)
Jon Stevens (2013)
Jordie Lane (2012)
Josh Cashman (2016)
Juan Alban (2013)
Jupiter Zeus: Simon Staltari (2015)

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Kate Miller-Heidke (2009)
Kate Miller-Heidke (2014)
Kate Vigo (2010)
Katie Noonan (2010)
Katie Noonan (2012)
Katie Noonan (2014)
Katy Steele (2017)
Kevin Borich (2014)
Kid Radio: Tom Butt (2015)
Kilbey Kennedy: Martin Kennedy (2015)
Kill TV: Kat Orgovany (2014)
Killing Heidi (2006)
Kim Salmon (2007)
Kim Salmon (2010)
Kim Salmon (2013)
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Stu Mackenzie (2013)
Kingfisha: Anthony Forrest (2012)
Kingswood: Fergus Linacre (2014)
Kira Puru & The Bruise (2011)
Kitchen Knife Wife: Dave Mudie (2011)
Klinger: Ben Birchall (2014)
Kristy Lewis (2008)

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Lamplight: Mijo Biscan (2009)
Laneous & The Family Yah: James "Laneous" Lane (2011)
Lanie Lane (2012)
Laura Imbruglia (2013)
Laura Imbruglia (2015)
Laura Imbruglia (2018)
Leanne Kingwell (2014)
Lester The Fierce aka Anita Lester (2014)
Levi McGrath (2007)
Liam Finn (2011)
Lisa Mitchell (2012)
Little Bastard: Johnny Took (2014)
Little Birdy: Scott "Barney" O'Donoghue (2009)
Little Stevies, the: Josh Barber (2009)
Little Stevies, the: Bethany Stephen (2011)
Little Stevies, the: Sibylla Stephen (2014)
Little Stevies, the: Sibylla Stephen (2016)
Livingstone Daisies, the: Van Walker (2013)
Liz Stringer (2009)
Liz Stringer (2012)
Lizanne Richards (2013)
Louise MacGregor (2006)
Love Connection: Kobi Simpson (2010)
Luis (Lessons With Luis) (2011)
Luke Escombe (2011)
Lunatics On Pogosticks: Calum Newton (2014)
Lyke Giants: Luke Thomson (2013)

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Magic Dirt: Dean Turner (2005)
Magic Dirt: Adalita (2011)
Major Tom & The Atoms: Adam Swoboda
Mama Kin (aka Daniella Caruana) (2010)
Mama Kin (aka Daniella Caruana) (2013)
Mama Kin (aka Daniella Caruana) (2018)
Mandy Kane (2005)
Mandy Kane (includes 3 songs performed live) (2015)
Mar Haze: Dean Mitchell (2014)
Marcia Hines (2014)
Mark Of Cain, the: John Scott (2012)
Mark Lizotte/Diesel (2009)
Mark Lizotte/Diesel (2018)
Mark Seymour (2011)
Martin Kennedy (Kilbey Kennedy/All India Radio) (2015)
Matt Doll (aka Matt Thomas) (Video Video/ex-Mavis's/B-Dolls/Blow Waves) (2015)
Mavis's, the: Matt Doll & Beki Colada (includes 2 songs performed live) (2017)
Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Nicky Bomba (2013)
Melody Pool (2014)
Mental As Anything: Greedy Smith (2010)
Mercy Kills, the: Mark Entwistle (2011)
Mercy Kills, the: Mark Entwistle (2013)
Mercy Kills, the: Mark Entwistle (2016)
Mereki (2016)
Mia Dyson (2009)
Mia Dyson (2012)
Mic Conway (2014)
Michael Browning (author of "Dog Eat Dog"/ex manager of Billy Thorpe, AC/DC, and Noiseworks)
Michelle Hines (2009)
Microwave Jenny: Brendon Boney (2015)
Millar Jukes (Millar Jukes and The Bandits) (2015)
Mime Set, the: Sam Wareing (2009)
Models: Sean Kelly (2015)
Mojo Juju (2015)
Monique Brumby (2014)
Moodists, the: Dave Graney (2003)
Motor Vehicle Sundown: Sarah Hardiman (2006)
Music Victoria: Patrick Donovan (2014)
Music Victoria: Laura Imbruglia (2018)

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N'fa Jones (2014)
Natalie van den Dungen (director of "Persecution Blues: The Battle For The Tote") (2011)
Natasha Hurst (2008)
Nat Col And The Kings: Nathan Cavaleri (2011)
New Gods: Sam Raines (2013)
Ngaiire (2013)
Nicholas Allbrook (2014)
Nicholas Roy (2010)
Nick Cowan (Director of the Dave Graney & Clare Moore documentary "I'm NotAfraid To Be Heavy")
Nicky Bomba (2006)
Nicky Bomba (2009)
Nicky Bomba (2012)
Nicky Bomba (2013)
Nova & The Experience: James Buckingham (2014)

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Ol'55: Wilbur Wilde (2016)
Once Were Wild: Renee Morgan (2015)
Operator Please: Tim Commandeur (2010)
Orianthi (2013)
Ouch My Face: Celeste Potter (2015)
Owl Eyes (aka Brooke Addamo) (2011)
Owl Eyes (aka Brooke Addamo) (2013)

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Palace Of The King: Tim Henwood (2015)
Paris Wells (2010)
Patrick Donovan (Music Victoria CEO) (2014)
Paul Greene (2010)
Paul Greene (2013)
Paul Reid (2014)
Paul Woseen (The Screaming Jets) (2014)
Penny Ikinger (2010)
Pete Gare & Simon Imrei
Phil Judd (2006)
Pierce Brothers, the: Pat Pierce (2014)
Pinky Beecroft (2012)
Popboomerang Records: Scott Thurling (2006)
Popboomerang Records: Scott Thurling (2010)
Popboomerang Records :Scott Thurling (2012)
Press Club: Natalie Foster (2018)
Princess One Point Five: Sarah-Jane Wentzki (2010)
Pseudo Echo: Brian Canham (2014)
Pure Pop Records: Dave Stevens (2012)

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Quincy McLean (SLAM Rally) (2010)
Quincy McLean (SLAM Rally) (2011)

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Rachel Collis (2014)
Raised By Eagles: Nick O'Mara (2015)
Red Paintings, the: Trash McSweeney (2011)
Resignators, the: Naff (2006)
Resignators, the: Francis Harrison (2010)
Resignators, the: Francis Harrison (2013)
Return To Youth: Matt Hallett and Alan McTaggart (2012)
Richard Clapton (2012)
Riki And The Rants: Riki B Lindsey (2013)
Rock Out With Your Frock Out: Kath Orgovani (2007)
RocKwiz: Brian Nankervis (2009)
RocKwiz: James Black (2010)
RocKwiz: Ashley Naylor (2018)
Romy Hoffman (A Gender/Macromantics/Romy/Heavy Mental) (2012)
Ron S. Peno
Rose Wintergreen (2014)
Ross Wilson (2002) [transcipt only]
Ross Wilson (2005)
Ross Wilson (2006)
Ross Wilson (2008)
Ross Wilson (2009)
Ross Wilson (2010)
Ross Wilson (2011)
Ross Wilson (2014)
Rushcutter: Jaime Robbie Reyne (2009)
Russell Crawford (2009)
Russell Morris (2013)

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Sahara Beck (2016)
San Cisco: Josh Biondillo (2012)
Sarah Blasko (2005)
Sarah Blasko (2006)
Sarah McLeod (2012)
Sarah McLeod (2016)
Sarah Sarah: Kate Duncan (2015)
Saskwatch: Liam McGorry (2012)
Saskwatch: Rob Muinos (2014)
Saskwatch: Nkechi Anele (2016)
Screaming Jets, the: Dave Gleeson (2014)
Scott Thurling (Popboomerang Records) (2006)
Scott Thurling (Popboomerang Records) (2010)
Scott Thurling (Popboomerang Records) (2012)
Sean Kelly (Models/Absent Friends/Teenage Radio Stars) (2015)
Second Hand Heart: Jess Carroll (2014)
Shameem (2015)
Shane Howard (ex-Goanna) (2012)
Sharaya: Shay Liza (2012)
Shelly Segal (2013)
Shelly Segal (includes 3 songs performed live) (2014)
Shelley Segal (2015)
Shine, the: Julian James (2006)
Shine, the: Julian James (2007)
Shotgun Funk (2011)
Simon Imrei and Pete Gare
Simon Imrei (includes 2 songs performed live) (2018)
Sin City: Tommy Gunn (2009)
Skipping Girl Vinegar: Mark Lang (2008)
Skipping Girl Vinegar: Mark Lang & Chris Helm (2011)
SLAM Rally: Quincy McLean (2010)
SLAM Rally: Quincy McLean (2011)
Slow Fades: Ben Birchall (2018)
Snowdroppers, the: Johnny Wishbone (2015)
Solla Sollew: Dave Long (2012)
Sons Of Rico: Alex MacRae (2011)
Sons Of Rico: Alex MacRae (2013)
Sophie Koh (2008)
Sophie Koh (2012)
Spazzys: Ally Spazzy (2012)
Spencer P. Jones (2012)
Spit Syndicate: Nick Lupi (2013)
Squeaker: Georgii Staben (2011)
Stacey Piggott author of Blow Your Own Trumpet (2012)
Stephen Cummings (2014)
Steve Blabi (2014)
Steve Lucas (2008)
Steve Lucas (2010)
Steve Lucas (2011)
Steve Lucas (2014)
Steve Romig & Jessica Paige
Stevie Paige (2010)
Stevie Wright (ex-Easybeats) (2009)
Stone Parade: Greg Byrne (2011)
Stonefield: Amy Findlay (2011)
Stonefield (whole band) (2012)
Stonefield: Hannah Findlay (2013)
Stonefield: Amy Findlay (2016)
Strange Tenants: Bruce Hearn (2014)
Strangers From Now On: Aidan Kelly (2013)
Stu Thomas (The Stu Thomas Paradox) (2010)
Sugar Army: Patrick McLaughlain (2009)
Superjesus, the: Sarah McLeod (2016)
Super Massive: Glenn Abbott (2010)
Sydonia: Dana Roskvist (2014)
Symbiosis: Fraser Montgomery (2005)
Syndicate: Greg Agar (2011)

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Teeny Tiny Stevies: Sibylla Stephen (2016)

Tex Perkins (2013)
Thirsty Merc: Phil Stack (2011)
Thirsty Merc: Rai Thistlethwayte (2014)
Thunderstag: Julian James (2011)
Tim Henwood (Palace Of The King/The Superjesus) (2015)
Tim Hulsman (2014)
Tinpan Orange: Emily Lubitz (2009)
Toby Beard (2015)
Tokenview: Ed Prescott (2009)
Tony Martin (2015)
Tully On Tully: Natalie Foster (2016)

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Valentiine (2011)
Vanessa Amorosi (2009)
Vanns, the: Jimmy Vann (2015)
Vaudeville Smash, the: Marc Lucchesi (2011)
Veludo (then called Gasoline Inc): Gabriel O'Brien
Velvet City (2012)
Verses, the: Jesse Hooper (2009)
Verses, the: Ella Hooper (2010)
Vida Cain: Josh Johnstone (2013)
Video Video: Matt Doll (aka Matt Thomas) (2015)
Vika And Linda: Linda Bull (2013)

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Wagons: Henry Wagons (2011)
Waifs, the: Josh Cunningham (2011)
Warren "Pig" Morgan (the Aztecs/Chain/All-Star Band) (2007)
WD-HAN: Spencer Barnes (2015)
Wellingtons, the (2005)
Wellingtons, the: Zac Anthony (2007)
Wellingtons, the: Zac Anthony (2010)
Wendy Stapleton (2009)
Whitaker: Ryan Meeking
White Russians, the: Pinky Beecroft (2012)
Whtsqr: Guy Morton (2014)
Wilbur Wilde (Ol'55/Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons/Hey Hey It's Saturday) (2016)
William Street Strikers: Andrew Matters (2012)
William Street Strikers: Andrew Matters (2015)
Winter Moon: Jake Winter (2015)
Women In Docs: Roz Pappalardo (2013)
Women Of Soul: Chelsea Wilson (2015)
WrestleRock, Julian James (2006)
WrestleRock, Julian James (2007)
WrestleRock: Julian James (2011)

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X: Steve Lucas (2008)
X: Steve Lucas (2010)
X: Steve Lucas (2011)
Xavier Rudd (2012)
Xavier Rudd (Xavier Rudd The United Nations) (2015)

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Yanni Burton (2015)
Young Heretics: Kitty Hart (2010)
Yunyu (2016)

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Zoophyte: Cam Lee (2012)
Zoot: Darryl Cotton (2010)

Skyhooks "Living In The 70's" 30th Anniversary Special
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Greg Macainsh (bassist and main songwriter)
Jeff Jenkins (author of "Ego Is Not A Dirty Word")
Michael Gudinski (former manager and head of Mushroom Records)
Peter Green (publicist/head of the Skyhooks Fanclub)
Ross Wilson (producer of Skyhooks' first three albums)

Live performances on "Living In The Land Of Oz"

Dallas Frasca, April 2012
1 All My Love
2 Birds Of Wisdom
3 Ain't No

Deena, February 2015
Purple Heart/Turpentine/Cupid

Delsinki Records & Brooke Taylor, 2016
Break Me Delicately (Autumn)

The Jane Austen Argument, June 2011
1 Under The Rainbow
2 Reunion Song
3 Silver Suit
4 Coolest Kid On Lygon Street

Kira Puru & The Bruise, October 2011
1 When All Your Love Is Not Enough
2 What's It Gonna Be
3 Dontcha

Mandy Kane, November 2015
Highway/Yin & Yang/Broken Twilight

Matt & Beki from The Mavis's, January 2017

Shelly Segal, July 2014
Morocco/Don't Play With My Heart/The Hitchhiking Song

Simon Imrie, May 2018
Let Go/Lonely Don't Know Me

Skipping Girl Vinegar, May 2011
1 Here She Comes
2 You Can
3 Castles Full Of Storns

Stonefield, January 2012
1 Blackwater Rising
2 Through The Clover

Valentiine, May 2011
1 Kick It
2 Never Forget You
3 Finch

More live performances will be uploaded soon


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